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Maxthon may be one of the most interesting browsers around and at the same time one of the browsers that receive less attention in the famous war that is taking place between the main programs in this field. This browser is based on Internet Explorer's engine even though it also allows the use of Gecko. The cloud browser that makes you free. Main features The features of Maxthon are really interesting because it integrates many more utilities than those that are usually included by default on most browsers. Tab-based browsing. Allows us to work in split screen (two webs at the same time). Lets us use customizable mouse gestures. We can carry out searches with up to 8 search engines or easily install add-ons and plug-ins. With regard to the integration of services Facebook has its own toolbar it also includes a feed reader and a wonderful favorites manager. Three elements that are always at hand thanks to the sidebar of Maxthon's very well-designed interface. The amount of services that the user can customize is incredible from zooming into websites to mouse gestures form autocompletion or blocking adverts and pop-ups. Don't hesitate and try out Maxthon a new generation of browsers.

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