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Thanks to system virtualization it is possible to run any operating system that we choose (guest system) by means of a simulation on another operating system that is normally called a host. Thus by using virtual machines we can use several operating systems at the same time making it an ideal way of running tests. To manage all the latter all we have to do is install one of the specific applications designed for this purpose that exist on the market. One of the best known companies in this field is VMware Inc. that is specialized in the development of applications focused on software virtualization. One of the best known free applications is VMware Player. VMware Player allows the user to 'launch' on the host operating system any operating system that he/she chooses without affecting its performance. Nevertheless your computer has to have the resources necessary to be able to manage various operating systems. If you want to try out Windows 7 or your favourite Linux distribution without affecting the proper performance of your operating system we recommend that you download VMware Player.

VMware Player For Windows Download

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