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The huge fondness that some students display for seeking short cuts when it comes to producing academic work has meant that many teachers have had to smarten up when it comes to checking for possible plagiarism. The internet has become an apparently endless supply of resources for lazy students but at the same time it has also become a tool for exposing them. Copy paste and check in order to detect plagiarism So if your job is to proofread and correct papers and to check for plagiarism or if you want to see whether your work would pass an anti-plagiarism test download Plagiarisma. It is a program that allows you to paste text excerpts and then goes about searching for them using a range of search engines. More specifically it does this by using Google and Yahoo and also through Google Scholar and Google books. The way it works is very simple; you just have to paste the text you are interested in and press a button in order to perform the checking process. If you are a lazy student beyond redemption they are going to catch you out; that much you should know. If you are the kind of person that accepts advice we would suggest that you rewrite the paper in your own words. But even then watch out because Google is getting better and better at this stuff. Best and safest of all read up on the subject you are studying and write down what you have discovered in your own words. Practice makes perfect.

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