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When it comes to speaking about applications designed to carry out overclocking on a computer or in other words to increase the CPU clock's frequency above its usual limits so as to offer more power there is an application that stands out over the rest. We're talking about MSI Afterburner. Control the power of your computer MSI Afterburner is designed to allow you to control the power of your computer in such a way that you can increase or decrease the power depending on your needs. The increase on a computer's power by altering the energy which it provides the processor and the increase to the CPU clock frequency can come in very handy when it comes to playing very powerful games or to render graphics with a lot of depth. Thanks to MSI Afterburner the users can carry out stress tests on the different computer components to find out the real physical limit which can be reached before the components start to fail. Who would want to decrease a computer's power? It may sound like a joke but there are moments when it can actually come in very handy to decrease the power provided to a CPU because even though it will slow down the computer's processing power it will also lower the energy consumption considerably. This can be advisable for those moments in which you're carrying out operations which aren't at all stressful to the computer like writing a text or watching a film. Therefore if you want to have more control over your computer's power you only have to download MSI Afterburner for free.

MSI Afterburner For Windows Download

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