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It's increasingly common to come across dangerous software that intends to trick you making you believe that you're infected by a virus when the truth is that this savior software the so-called rogueware is the real threat. RogueKiller is a program that helps us to get rid of these threats. Capable of wiping out the latest threats. How to use RogueKiller After starting the program we have to click on the Scan button to start analyzing our computer in search of rogueware and any other malicious element. The results of the analysis of all the system's sectors can be seen in the tabs that appear in the lower part of the application: processes registers hosts proxies DNS etc. Then we'll have to wipe out all the threats found. Main functions Stop and remove malicious processes. Stop malicious services. Remove malicious DLLs from processes. Locate and remove hidden processes. Find and restore system files faked by a rootkit. If you have suffered the consequences of malware you need this application that will prevent you from being infected.

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