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Scripts are command files that usually store plain text and that can be used to carry out tasks such as combining different components or interacting with the operating system or user. Tampermonkey is a script manager for Google Chrome that allows us to manage them very easily. With this extension you can access online script repositories of the likes of Greasy Fork where you can find hundreds of user scripts that once added can carry out different functions such as downloading videos from YouTube or carrying out specific tasks on Facebook. Main features The extension can be controlled from the browser's interface and offers us features such as the following: Manage and edit all your user scripts. Enable or disable the scripts with a few clicks. Sync them amongst your devices. Make backups in Google Drive OneDrive and Dropbox. Automatically download updates. It offers us a clear view of the scripts installed being able to see when they've been updated if there's a home page or on what sites they can be used.

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