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eBooks are the future of books. While we await the arrival of a reader affordable for all of us every day there are more users that decide to read them on their computer screens. Powerful PDF viewer When we start off in the eBook and eComic world we found out that there are many different formats based on images that we can't open with traditional PDF readers. We can do so with an image viewer or editor but if we want to enjoy a pleasant reading experience we need something else. This is exactly what GonVisor has to offer a comic magazine and eBook reader suitable for all sorts of images with a recreation that allows us to browse the image files as if we were turning pages of a book. GonVisor can read both a sequence of images as well as creating and reading files that contain images (CBR and CBZ) which are usually used for eBooks and eComics. It can also directly read files compressed in RAR or ZIP and it supports JPG BMP and GIF. Its main advantage with regard to similar tools is that as well as all the latter it can also read PDF documents. Unfortunately it doesn't read other specific eBook formats but it's enough to access a large amount of the literature that can be currently found on the Internet.

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