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There are loads of different design tools for Windows but it's hard to find one that offers us great results without having to pay to use it. Lunacy is one of them and it offers us a wide range of tools to be used in different design areas. Sketch for Windows Here you'll find all the functions necessary to carry out all sorts of designs whether icons or formats ready to be printed. Its user interface has been designed taking into account basic usability criteria allowing the designer to focus on his work as there are hardly any distractions. These are the application's main features which is also fully compatible with SKETCH files: Complete graphical editor that allows us to create new designs. Modify already existing designs. Open the CSS and XAML code of any element. Export resources to your designs in XAML PNG or SVG format. Hotkeys for different functions. Apply all sorts of styles and adapt your designs to both PCs and mobile touchscreens. Export your work to PNG and SVG format.

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