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Real Pool offers us a fun and simple pool game for Windows with which we can play solo against the computer or online against other users. It comes along with a functional 3D design and it's not too demanding for our hardware's resources. A realistic pool game It's a very attractive and easy-to-play pool game. When it comes to playing you'll simply have to aim your cue and calculate the power you require to hit the ball. From there on you only have to gradually learn how balls behave in different circumstances to become the best pool player in the world. These are the main functions and features that we can find in this game: Different classic pool game modes. Possibility to customize the table and game modes. Establish your own playing level and that of your online rivals. Attractive 3D graphics. Different scenarios on which we can play games. Follow the score at the bottom of the screen as well as other interesting info about the game.

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