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Despite the fact that Windows 10 gives us the option to choose our default browser there are certain actions that can only be carried out with Microsoft Edge such as searches with Cortana for instance. If you want the searches to be carried out in Google Chrome instead of Edge you can download Chrometana. Turn Chrome into your browser for Cortana With this extension you can easily configure the links opened by Cortana to be opened by default in Google Chrome being able to centralize all our online activity and browsing history in the browser that we usually use. In turn not only can we set Chrome as our default browser for everything but also carry out searches in engines that have nothing to do with Bing: Google DuckDuckGo and Yahoo. This tool is really easy to install as we simply have to install it as a Chome extension managing just like other add-on and even being able to hide it in our browser bar if we want.

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