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EdgeDeflector is a tiny application that helps us to bypass the obligation imposed by Microsoft to Windows 10 users to open certain links with Edge their official browser sending them to the app selected by default for such purpose. That means that we'll be able to open Cortana links in Chrome or Firefox for instance. Force Windows to open searches in your default browser To make it work we only have to run the installer. In just a few seconds we'll have it installed on our PC and then we have to go to our operating system's settings. There we can search for applications that open by default and within this menu search for those that open by default according to the protocol. There we only have to select EdgeDeflector. This action will automatically open the browser we have chosen by default for Windows to open Cortana's searches or those carried out from the operating system's lock screen (such as when we search for places in Bing when unlocking our PC).

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