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Many of you out there own an iPhone or iPad. Through iTunes you can manage many of their files but as you know sometimes it isn't the best choice for this purpose. Well there's an alternative to iTunes called AnyTrans for iOS a really complete application to manage your iOS devices from Windows. The file manager for iOS devices you were waiting for. A file manager for iPhone and iPad better than iTunes Regardless of what you want to do with your iPhone files with this file explorer for iOS you won't find any barriers and you'll be able to apply its tools to the following aspects of your phone: Entertainment: transfer music manage audio files and playlists improve and restore iTunes library browse through any multimedia file or organize your pictures. Clone the contents of your devices: carry out backups of your files for when it comes to buying a new phone or tablet only choosing the things that really interest you. iCloud: browse through iCloud's content download it or export it to other devices. Apps and documents: make a backup of all your documents and favorite applications and their data including games and take it to your computer or iTunes. Personal information: export personal data such as messages call history or voice mail and make backups of your personal information. File system: enable your iPhone or iPad's disc mode and explore the file system with ease recover useful files through iTunes without completely restoring or customize your iPhone. Keeping things short it's definitely the application you were looking for to transfer files between iPhone and iPad and your PC and vice-versa.

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