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Nowadays PDF files are used for all sorts of tasks at professional academical or administration level as this format allows us to preserve the integrity of the original documents. The problem is that in the middle of the 21st century we still use plenty of paper document which apart from being an environmental problem also reduces the productivity of companies and organizations when it comes to searching or filling in the same forms time after time. OmniPage Professional is a decent OCR solution so not to use paper ever again. This software allows us to convert all sorts of printed documents into PDF files and forms that can be modified on our PC whenever we want. What can OmniPage do for you? This program is one of the most popular applications in the OCR field for a reason. An almost 100% accuracy and extremely complete features have made it a leader in its sector. Here are its most important options: Batch conversion of printouts and PDFs into editable documents. Very accurate OCR engines for the conversion and filing of documents. The converted documents preserve their original format: styles graphics tables etc. Convert printed forms to digital format to gain in productivity. Allows you to create automatic processes with a single click for repetitive workflows. Text recognition in over 120 languages. Possibility to access accounts on services such as OneDrive Google Docs or Evernote among others to convert the documents stored on them. Conversion of camera and smartphone photo formats. Possibility to highlight information within the text and create marks by means of keywords. Compatible with a wide range of output formats such as PDF Word Excel HTML Corel or WordPerfect among many other examples. How to convert PDF files to Word with Omnipage? This is probably the most useful function of this software for the average user. Although the PDF format was invented to not be modified sometimes it becomes necessary. With this software you'll manage to convert any PDF to Word to make its text editable by simply following the assistant through three of the program's tabs: In the first one you have to choose the location of the PDF to be converted (PC Dropbox Evernote...). In the second tab you have to specify the format of the file (one or several columns form spreadsheet...). In the third one you have to choose where to save the resulting file and which Word version you want to use. Many users also want to know how to use OmniPage for free but after the 15-day trial period that isn't possible. If you're a user that needs to use it for professional reasons you might as well pay the 139 euros of the professional version. However for the average user that just needs to convert printouts to PDF or PDFs to Word now and again there are free alternatives such as Power PDF Advanced made by the same developers or even online OCR services that despite offering lower quality results can help us to gain some time. What's new in the latest version New OmniPage LaunchPad. New OmniPage DocuDirect.

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