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Games don't require stunning graphics to draw the attention of users just a gameplay that turns out to be addictive and even hypnotic as in the case of Octagon. Addictive free game without adverts or any other annoyances. Octagon puts you inside an octagonal tunnel in which your reflexes are put to the test. The game is very fast-paced there's no time to think or come up with any sort of strategy. You just have enough time to move forwards and do the best you can. A classic arcade game Octagon's gameplay consists in managing to advance as much as possible along the tunnel that we're travelling through. The difficulty lies in the fact that many of the surfaces disappear or we have to dodge obstacles that spring up all of a sudden. It's amazing! Once you start playing you have to keep on trying until you manage to get onto the next level. Download Octagon free for Mac and check it out for yourself.

Octagon For Mac Download

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