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Shareaza Turbo Accelerator For Windows Reviews

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator is a tool capable of accelerating the download speed and increasing the number of sources of Shareaza a P2P download application. If you're a user of this client that allows you to share files you should install this program that will provide you with the possibility to optimize the performance of the software. Main functions It has a simple interface and it is very easy-to-use. By simply pressing the accelerate button you'll manage to increase the download speed of Shareaza. Furthermore Shareaza Turbo Accelerator has other useful functions: Clear completed or corrupt files from your download list. Automatically save and load your configuration. Resume the paused downloads automatically. Shortcuts from the system tray. The simplicity of this program and the great utility that its features offer make it a safe bet. If you use Shareaza to share files on the Internet increase your download speed and have fun with Shareaza Turbo Accelerator.

Shareaza Turbo Accelerator For Windows Download

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