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LimeWire Acceleration Patch For Windows Reviews

LimeWire Acceleration Patch is a utility that allows you to accelerate the speed of the download that you carry out using LimeWire one of the best P2P clients focused on file-sharing using the Gnutella network. Download faster from LimeWire Using this simple patch you will immediately notice how the download of the files you have in your LimeWire queue improves. And it is really easy to use it is only necessary to launch the application and leave it working in the background. To make things easier you can activate an option that will launch the program automatically with the notice of how the download starts with the Windows startup. According to the application's developers LimeWire Acceleration Patch is capable of increasing the performance of your Internet connection by 200% but as well as this it also includes other benefits like the automatic elimination of erroneous downloads resuming paused downloads or searching for new sources every certain amount of time to optimize the download of your files and all of this from a practical and intuitive interface. Download LimeWire Acceleration Patch and discover the power hidden behind this small application.

LimeWire Acceleration Patch For Windows Download

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