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Due to the great increase in the popularity of digital photography nowadays it's rather normal to have a large number of photos on our computers and on very few occasions are they printed. Due to this many applications to improve what our photos look like on our computer or when shown by means of a slideshow from a DVD have also been launched like for example Framing Studio. Apply digital frames to your photos This application is a tool that will allow us to apply all kinds of different frames to the photos that we have stored. These frames may vary from simple designs with one or two variants (color tone ...) to other more elaborate artistic frames that convey a message much more clearly. Furthermore the application will also offer us the chance to apply a series of effects to the photos which include the possibility to reverse the colors or to change them to sepia or black and white. We must also highlight the possibility to apply masks to the images in such a way that only a part of the photo will be visible. All in all Framing Studio is the ideal tool to be able to add all kinds of frames to our digital photos in such a way that they will be much nicer when we show them to our friends and family.

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