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Cut the Rope has definitely been one of the most successful and entertaining games of the last few years. Its second instalment has nothing envy from the original game rather totally the opposite: Cut the Rope 2 comes along with new challenges and obstacles as well as new characters. Loads of new elements This time around Om Nom is accompanied by the Nommies creatures with special and unique skills that will help him to get hold of more sweets. In turn he'll come across new scenarios and obstacles to be avoided if he wants to become the greatest candy collector. The Nommies will become essential. Who are Om Nom's new friends? There will be 7 Nommies accompanying our main character in his adventure: Roto Lick Blue Toss Boo Snailbrow and Ginger. Each one with their own skills such as carrying Om Nom when he can't reach his sweets or helping him to jump higher among other.

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