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If you still haven't found a convincing email client for Mac you have to try out Airmail. This client has an elegant and intuitive design a collection of high range functionalities to manage your mail and a great speed that will definitely surprise you. The email client that's faster than lightning. Main features of Airmail It's very important to have a great email manager that adapts to our needs. Sometimes email clients have very positive aspects but disappoint us in others. This application can boast about being good in the majority of aspects: Allows us to manage multiple accounts and is compatible with the majority of services: Yahoo! Gmail AOL Google Apps etc. The interface is divided into 4 columns: your different accounts your list of folders your list of emails and the contents of the messages. Allows you to copy and transfer messages to and from different accounts. Allows you to integrate with Dropbox Google Drive or Cloud App among others. Includes keyboard shortcuts for the majority of actions. Without a doubt it's an excellent option if you want an efficient and practical email client.

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