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Do you spend your spare time in Ikea? Was your favorite childhood toy Barbie's mansion? If you're one of those day dreamers that always on about your dream home or how lovely that baroque piece of furniture from corner shop would look in the kid's bedroom this is the ideal tool for you. It's also suitable if you're simply into designing and building houses or you want to know what a certain wallpaper or carpet would look like before buying it. Planner 5D - Home & Interior Design won't show you the fifth dimension but it will help you in all your decoration tasks from your Windows 10 PC. Easy-to-use application that lets you create beautiful and realistic interior and exterior desings in both 2D and 3D. This program is quite cute charming and attractive. Amongst its options it allows you to design in 2D and 3D and change the view whenever you want. You can also capture shots of your creations manage the different floors measure do undo and redo... and then you've got the Elements menu. Here you can add rooms build place furniture and also exterior elements. What can you build? Windows arches walls doors columns stairways fences... and whatever you can think of. Here's an approximate list of all the furniture available as each has its own submenu: Sofas. Beds. Storage furniture. Tables and chairs. Office furniture. Curtains and blinds. Carpets. Kitchen and bathroom furniture. Lights plugs and switches. Air-con and heating elements. Audio and PCs. Decoration crockery sports and party elements. Things for kids and pets. Music instruments. People (yep crash test dummies to add to your design). Plan and furnish your home or any other space as you've always wanted to. You can also obviously choose the type of floors walls the material the color and the texture... A great idea so you don't have to imagine what that piece of furniture would look like: you can now see for yourself and design the room with needing to spend a cent. How to create a roof with Planner 5D? You can only place a roof on your creation of you've unlocked this option which means you have to pay to purchase the full version of this product. Although the demo includes loads of different functions you can only access the full catalog (with photos in HD) once you've paid. If you're really into this option you can install a roof from the construction section by selecting 'Roof'. Obvious.

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