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JMP is a complete and powerful program for the analysis of statistical data. It appeared over 20 years ago with the objective of using statistical models in combination with interactive graphics. All in all its objective is to explore and analyze all the data of the diverse investigations by means of an interactive process. Data analysis software for PC With this powerful application you'll be able to discover hidden trends in the data of researches and studies by means of all the tools that it has available. One of JMP's features is that it allows analysts and statisticians to generate and modify graphics in an interactive manner providing instant results with multiple variables in a single graphic. Make the most of this powerful tool for statistical analysis. It also offers us a simple way to design surveys the results and subsequent analyses allow companies to adapt their products to the needs of the different market segments. Furthermore JMP can work with a wide range of data formats from text files and XLS files to databases compatible with ODBC.

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