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If you have Apple TV you already know that you have to convert videos to a format compatible with this gadget in order to be played. You can now forget about all the latter by downloading Beamer. Play any video without having to convert it Beamer is a program that allows you to play on Apple TV a much wider range of video formats without having to resort to converting formats. It provides great video and audio quality apart from other functionalities that make Beamer the ideal add-on for this device. Its functioning is very simple as you only have to drag and drop the file on its interface to start playing it. Features Plays common formats without requiring conversion such as AVI MKV MOV MP4 WMV or FLV. High video quality. Support for surround sound. Automatic detection of subtitles in SUB and SRT format. Remote control of the application by means of Apple TV's remote control. Download Beamer and expand the possibilities of your Apple TV without having to resort to jailbreaks or video conversions.

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