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Gilisoft Privacy Protector For Windows Reviews

Gilisoft is the company behind the development of this Gilisoft Privacy Protector a piece of software conceived to protect the privacy of any user when sitting down in front of his or her computer. Hide all the sensitive information on your PC This program can be used to protect hide and encrypt sensitive information on our Windows as well as to remove any trace of our activity. Thus we can protect all sorts of delicate information and stop people from sticking their noses in none of their business. These are the main functions of this Gilisoft Privacy Protector: Clean your Windows history and remove any activity traces. Clean the browser history. Remove any trace of third-party applications you may have used. Hide images videos documents... Protect by means of a password the access to files folders and even entire disks. Create your very own personal space. Stop viruses that may modify your sensitive files.

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