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When you have just bought a new computer it's usual to pay attention to what physical devices and applications are installed. But after a few months the majority of users don't remember hardly any of these details. A way to always have at hand the make and model of each of the components as well as the installed applications and their corresponding version is by means of Belarc Advisor. Analyze your computer in depth This application after performing a complete analysis of our computer generates a detailed report in HTML format that includes a list with: All the data about the operating system (version language location ... ). All the computers physical component (processor motherboard hard drives memory printer etc...) and other main features. The installed applications. Pack for the correction of detected bugs (hotfixes). A summary of network map. Detected vulnerabilities. The applications that have a license. The applications that are least used. To sum up Belarc Advisor is a useful tool to provide the user with all the information about his computer in a matter of seconds.

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