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CrushFTP allows you to convert a PC with an Internet connection into an FTP server capable of managing file transfers (both uploads and downloads) between different servers or network connected computers. This application makes it very easy to configure all the parameters necessary to make an FTP server work. Transfers at business level for everyone. Functions Thus with CrushFTP you will be able to carry out any of the operations that are usually associated to an FTP server: Upload web pages and other contents to the Internet. Exchange files such as photos and documents between several users. Create decentralized backups. Compatible protocols In all these cases the protocol used is the so-called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). In those situations that require maximum security SFTP is used (Secure File Transfer Protocol) which makes sure that the data transfer is encrypted. It also supports the following protocols: FTPS (FTP over SSL) HTTP HTTPS WebDAV and WebDAV SSL. CrushFTP also allows you to monitor the use of the FTP server thanks to its report options (logs and graphics) that can later be exported in CSV format.

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