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Both if you want to have a simple text editor to create or modify small documents or if you need to have at your disposal advanced options that make it easier to program tasks a good alternative to basic programs like Notepad is to choose Twistpad. Main features Practical customizable text editor. Inclusion of a pack of tools focused on programmers. Possibility to change the codification system of the file to Unicode ANSI UTF-8 or Big Endian. Management of multiple documents by means of tabs. Options to search for and replace characters in a file. Useful “Go to” function that will instantly take you to any position of the file by inputting the line or column number name of a marker or function ... Creation of macros. Spell check. Availability of more than 20 different syntax types to choose from to give format to the documents: plain texts assembler C/C++ C# HTML JavaScript Java PHP Perl Python Visual Basic and XML among others. Access to the statistics of each file that show us information like the total amount of characters amount of spaces word counts number of lines etc. Configure and preview a file before printing. Download Twistpad and discover the possibilities offered by this versatile text editor.

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