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Nuendo is a complete audio processing and post-production suite developed by Steinberg. It includes all the tools necessary in the field of multitrack editing including a complete set of effects to model your sound. A powerful tool in all the post-production process. You'll be able to edit and mix audio without problems increasing the productivity of your work. It has been developed not only thinking about the music industry but also about the cinema industry. Anybody who works with multimedia contents will be able to make the most of this tools. Features Audio post-production environment. New native integrated video engine. Advanced tempo and hit-point detection system. Includes support for MFX audio and EDL lists. Includes Nuendo Surround Panners and new VST3 plug-ins. Optimized automation system. Mixer with mixing bus redirection features. Redesigned MediaBay. Create collaboration projects over LAN and WAN. VST Amp Rack Among the different plug-ins included it's worth highlighting the Amp Rack modeling tool a series of modeling effects and guitar amplifier simulation that music producers and sound technicians will love. In total there are 7 different effects based on renowned hardware amplifiers which will allow you to have guitar sounds that cover all styles and above all with a faithful sound regarding the hardware on which they are based. Download this program and you'll have the best professional audio environment on the market.

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