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Programing mobile applications is a very eye-catching field. If you're interested in developing your own apps for iPhone or Android download NS Basic App Studio. Program apps for mobiles on your PC. Visual Basic for mobiles NS Basic App Studio is a complete development environment focused on the creation of apps for devices like iPhone and Android which allows the use of languages like JavaScript or BASIC (based on Microsoft Visual Basic). As a help it includes a complete integrated guide and example code. Features of NS Basic App Studio Developed in BASIC and JavaScript. Distribution which is royalty free. Support for AdSense and Paypal. Possibility to use Google Maps and geolocation. Compatibility with HTML 5 functions. NS Basic App Studio offers you two support modes depending on your needs: Free or Premium (pay-to-use). Download this development environment comfortably develop apps for mobiles from your PC and test them on any compatible device: iPhone iPad Android and others.

NS Basic App Studio For Windows Download

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