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MediaGet is a BitTorrent client that is perfect to download all kinds of files from the Internet. It allows you to carry out searches for torrents straight from the program play contents in multiple formats and organize all your downloads perfectly. More than just any old BitTorrent client. Features Download contents from the Internet at great speed via the BitTorrent network. Carry out searches organized by categories. Also allows you to perform advanced file searches. Integrated multimedia player. View your downloads even before they are complete. Create your multimedia database. Allows you to carry out searches within the database and easily organize them. Comfortable and appealing user interface. Move around the core of the program MediaGet revolves around four sections. In the catalog you'll be able to see the different recommendations from the program about contents you may be interested in like films or video games. The 'Download' section is where you'll be able to see the progress of your downloads while the player and the media library will allow you to enjoy the contents directly from the program and structure your entire database.

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