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Not everyone can afford the luxury of having a personal trainer to advise them about each exercise they do prepare specific diets according to their needs at a given moment in time design the daily routine charts to keep track of the progress. Not having a personal trainer is no longer a problem thanks to Private Coach. Start keeping fit as soon as possible This very complete software will allow us after a complete test where we will have to indicate a series of details about our physical condition to create an exercise table (it can be muscle-building or resistance orientated) that will help us to keep fit if we follow it and we persevere in our training plan. We can also generate statistics with the calories that we consume during the day that combined with exercise control will help us know the weight we gain or lose after each session. The calendar function that is completely customizable will remind us each day about which exercise table we have to do and the equipment necessary to fulfill it (weights bicycle ...).

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