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One of Internets best features is that it allows us to share any type of information with other users. And not only information but we can also give other users access to our applications images videos etc. But when we host our images and photographs on the net there is a risk. Another user with no qualms could claim to be the author of said image or photograph. To avoid this we can use ImageSign. ImageSign is an application designed to sign the photographs that you have taken with a watermark. Its main advantage is that it allows the user to automate and speed up the process. How to use ImageSign It is very easy to use. First load the images in the application select the photographs that you want to sign and then choose one of the two options the ImageSign offers you for the watermark: Files date. Personalized Text. After that all you have to do is choose where to place the mark and the color and size of the text font. The application will insert the selected text in all the images that you choose in a few seconds.

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