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Flagfox is an interesting Firefox add-on that shows us in which country the server of the webpage we are visiting is hosted. Each time you access a web you will see the flag of the corresponding country. Simple and discrete. Click on the flag with the right button to access Geotool a map with the exact location of the server and other data of interest such as the ISP the local time... Functions of Flagfox The information offered can provide you many advantages. As well as knowing where you are connected at all times you will also get to know the local language and applicable jurisdiction. You will also have access to other useful information on the Internet: Measure the security of webpages. Find similar pages and look up opinions about them. Carry out automatic translations. Copy IP addresses and server-related data. Calculate ping and traceroute. Whois function. Show information about DNS servers. URL shorteners. Code validation. SEO and web development analysis. All Flagfox functions are accessible from the application's context menu or by means of customized keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore it is continuously updated to make sure the data are valid. Whether you want legal support while you browse you develop webpages or you want to increase your Internet security download Flagfox free for Windows.

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