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Nowadays there are all kinds of file sharing systems available: P2P networks direct download websites and P2M among others but none of them use the P2P protocol to transfer files as it happens with Direct Connect. Discover a new way of sharing all kinds of files ApexDC++ is a client for that system that gives you the possibility to connect to a hub so as to be able to find the files that you are looking for from among the files that are being shared by the users that are connected and to start to download them. Thanks to the transfers by means of FTP it's possible to guarantee unbeatable stability and speed. The program can be somewhat complex if compared to other tools developed to exchange files but once you know how they work you won't find it difficult to find those files that you're looking for. The program has a search engine a download manager a window to view the statistics and an area to chat with the rest of the users.

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