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The majority of users think that once they have eliminated their files and they have emptied the recycling bin they are no longer accessible by other users. But this is not true. There are various methods through which these files can be recovered or at least part of them. If you want to manage a complete and secure elimination of personal files and other confidential information stored on your hard drive the best option is to use a program that guarantees the permanent elimination of these files like for example O&O SafeErase. O&O SafeErase is an application that completely eliminates any file making sure it is completely unrecoverable. This is the best method to avoid third parties accessing your private data (financial information personal photos emails ...) that has at some moment in time been stored on your computer. Main features Intuitive Interface. Secure elimination of files partitions browser data or generated profiles. Overwriting with zeros (for fast deletion). It uses more than 5 methods for secure data elimination. Detailed reports. Supports multi-core processors.

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