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If you're a hardcore gamer you are sure to have felt the need to record a game to be able to watch it again or to show it to other gamers on the Internet. Many times the story of an impossible jump a monster killed in the most unlikely way or the race of a lifetime can seem to be a lie due to the fact that it's impossible to provide evidence. PlayClaw is here to fix that. Record and stream video games from your desktop With PlayClaw we can record or capture the screen of any game without affecting our game's performance. This is very important especially when we try to record cutting edge games that tend to monopolize every ounce of our PC's power. If we try to take a screen capture or record a video at a crucial moment and our PC starts malfunctioning or suddenly the frame rate decreases the game can become unplayable. That is why PlayClaw makes special emphasis on its capacity to record videos without affecting the performance of any game. Videos have an AVI output format and the program works with any Windows game.

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