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Torrent Monster is a lightweight and sober BitTorrent client that stands out due to its download speed which manages to make the most of the torrents sources. Torrent Monster anticipates the speed of each of the sources and gives priority to the quickest. This is the main appeal of this program that includes some optimization algorithms that guarantee a good download speed. It also offers a preview of the multimedia files that we download. Higher speed for your torrent downloads Apart from that the program has a rather clear and ordered interface that offers detailed information about the downloads. Another interesting feature is that it supports the import and export of torrents in XML and it has a very complete tool to upload them to the web. As with the majority of torrent clients it calculates statistics of the downloads it has various plug-ins and offers detailed information about the Internet connection. More sober than other P2P applications it represents a very quick and intelligent option for our downloads from the Internet.

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