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Downloading a website so that you can view it on your computer without an Internet connection can be a real odyssey that is why applications like A1 Website Download are so successful. It downloads all the files texts and images from a web and changes everything necessary so that you can view it perfectly offline. Download full webs to your hard drive The need to download websites can arise in a variety of situations. You may want to view it somewhere where there is no Internet connection or you might want to download so many files that it would be quicker to download them all and delete the ones you don't want (for example photo galleries). Furthermore A1 Website Download fixes the links that exist on the download site so that if we click on them when we don't have a connection we don't get a surprise in the form of an error screen. In the case the web we download is database driven (and its contents changes every time that we load it) A1 Website Download will detect it and convert it into a static page.

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