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It is probable that on more than one occasion you've left your computer downloading a file and you wanted it to turn off automatically as soon as it finished that process. Thanks to TOff it will be possible to automate the turning off rebooting or closing session process on any computer that uses a Windows operating system. Automate the process of turning your computer off to make it quicker and more simple The program offers us the possibility to turn off the computer after a certain amount of time of mouse or keyboard inactivity has gone by at a specific time of the day thus being very easy to configure. The program's interface is very simple and nobody should have any problem at all to be able to use it no matter what computing knowledge they have. This tool will stay in the system tray from the moment the system starts to be able to change any aspect as quickly as possible. Another very appealing function of this program is the possibility to export BAT files to be able to share the configuration with other users.

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