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From many users' point of view the file explorer included in Windows doesn't offer all the advantages that a program of this sort should. If you are within this group of users you may want to install Q-Dir a file explorer that will allow you to browse four different folders at the same time within a single window. The main Q-Dir interface is very clear it is divided into four areas of the same size each of which represents a directory or unit. The first time we open this program we will actually see four identical copies of the same directory but we will be able to change this with great ease being able to choose a different folder for each of the small sub-windows. Main features Support for Drag and Drop technology which makes exchanging files between one folder and another much more dynamic. Different directory views with different icon sizes by file name detailed lists etc. Color filter to be able to differentiate between different document types. Therefore if you want an application that will make browsing between directories much quicker and that will also make it a lot easier to move files from one folder to another download and install Q-Dir.

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