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World of Padman is one of the many mods and games based on the Quake 3 engine maintaining the great playability of this classic shooter changing its entire appearance and submerging us into a totally different world. That is the case of World of Padman a title the looks very similar to the graphics of any comic. It is very colorful and has a set of very appealing animations characters and scenarios that will surely surprise more than one player. It is a multiplayer FPS in which the objective will be to eliminate all members of the opposite team. One of the most interesting options that this title offers is the possibility to play against bots so that we will be able to practice without having to access a game server or having to have an Internet connection. Other noteworthy features are the great variety of scenarios and weapons and the dynamism of your games because it's a video game in which staying still can mean game over. Discover a great action title by downloading World of Padman.

World of Padman For Windows Download

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