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AssaultCube is a free game created with the Cube free engine the features of which make it aesthetically similar to Counter-Strike but with a game speed and entertainment that are more like Quake. This means the game is very quick but the scenarios weapons and equipment are relatively realistic. The game has a great amount of game modes both multiplayer as well as single player with bots: - Team Death Match: one team against another and all the weapons available. - Coopedit: editing mode to create maps. - Death Match: everyone for themselves with all the weapons available. Also available against bots. - Survivor: Similar to Death Match you have to kill everyone but you will not have objects to pick up nor will you reappear instantly. - Team Survivor: A Death Match variation by teams. - Capture the Flag: in this game mode you will have to capture the enemy flag and take it back to your own camp but be as fast as possible because to win you will have to manage to keep your own flag safe. - Pistol Frenzy: battles with grenades guns or knives. - Last Swiss Standing: everyone for himself using only knives and grenades. - One Shot One Kill: Armed with a riffle and a knife in this mode you will only have one hit point. It is also available with bots. - One Shot One Kill (Death Match): just as the previous one but with teams this is the ideal mode for those occasions when there are too many players and it is really complex. Technically the game is faultless it may not be near the big names of the genre but the truth is that in what regards to entertainment the score of AssaultCube is very high.

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