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NT Email Notifier For Windows Reviews

NT Email Notifier is a utility that will check your mail periodically to show notifications each time you receive a new mail in the inbound mail tray. Even though many current desktop clients already have their own notification system the advantage of using NT Email Notifier is that it allows you to check several different accounts. How NT Email Notifier works is based on connecting by means of the POP3 protocol every few minutes to check if there is any new email. If so the software will show a notification and will activate a WAV sound file if you choose so. If you download NT Email Notifier for free you will be able to make some of your everyday tasks easier because if you use your email a lot the sooner you reply the more fluid your communication will become. The interface of NT Email Notifier is very simple but that is where its simplicity resides. You will only have to indicate the data of the accounts that you want it to monitor for your email notifier to be completely configured and functional.

NT Email Notifier For Windows Download

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