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Just like Windows Mac OS X has some hidden functions that allow us to personalize its design and optimize its speed through the use of the command Terminal. MacPilot gathers all these tasks under a rather comfortable visual interface allowing us to configure the system's appearance and performance without having to write a single word on the command line. The power of UNIX the simplicity of Macintosh. The possibilities of MacPilot for Mac By means of MacPilot we can configure the system start-up choosing the processes and applications that we want to run each time that we turn the computer on. Likewise it is capable of eliminating all the DS_Store files forcing the elimination of folders and files and making hidden files visible among other functions. As a maintenance tool it can delete all the system's caches separately or together. It has configuration functions for dozens of applications like Mail QuickTime Photo Booth Remote Desktop Address Book Finder iCal iChat or Exposé. MacPilot is ideal to maintain our computer completely clean both inside and out.

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