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To manage the contents of a website you need to make use of the most powerful tools available. Joomla or Wordpress stand out among the CMS or content managers available but you can't overlook e107. It's a high-performance open-source CMS capable of competing with the abovementioned content managers. Simple but complete e107 is very easy to install and also allows us to launch tasks in a really simple manner. It has a wide range of tools and almost anything we need is integrated into the system. Furthermore it isn't difficult to find themes plug-ins and other extensions that will make your website stand out more. Some of its features Easy and completely automated installation. User registry system. Simple and intuitive management interface. Security tool. Suppor for news feeds and RSS. WYSIWYG editor. e107 is a CMS programmed by means of PHP and ideal for beginners that allows web creation beyond blogs. Download e107 and create your own site.

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