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The great problem of modifying any video file is that it requires quite a lot of time to save any changes. This is due to the fact that any change automatically forces to recode all the file even if we only want to change the resolution or the format from 16:9 to 4:3. Now thanks to MPEG4 Modifier it will no longer be necessary to encode everything. Modify videos in MPEG4 format MPEG4 Modifier has found the way to be able to edit any files that are encoded by means of MPEG-4 ASP like Xvid or DivX without having to encode them again. Logically it isn't possible to edit whatever you want the only options if offers are to change the resolution the visualization format the possibility to unpack the Bitstream and change the user data or interlacing. But furthermore MPEG4 Modifier allows you to easily see much more detailed information. The great advantage of this software is that since it doesn't require any time to recode anything it can be used in emergency situations. If we can't play or view a file properly somewhere it can always be quickly modified with MPEG4 Modifier.

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