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In Cool Screen Capture we will find an application that performs screen captures in the most practical and entertaining way. The main difference in comparison with other similar utilities is the possibility to view the images that are going to be taken in real-time. But not only does it take still captures Cool Screen Capture offers the possibility to record everything that happens on your desktop or on a selected area of the screen. What's more it carries out television recordings from a photo camera or video camera as long as you have one of these devices connected to your computer. Basic controls Select Region. Allows to define the area that will be captured be it in video or image format. Shot Frame. Takes a still shot using the image format specified in the configuration options (JPEG or BMP). Start/Stop. Starts or stops the video capture and also the sound if this option is activated. As a feature that is worth highlighting this application allows us to perform various captures automatically during the interval of time that we predefine in the options.

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