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There are programs that dare will everything and LCPlayer is one of those applications. In the field of audio playing this program opens any MP3 file creating playlists. Among its most interesting options as a player we have the possibility to view the lyrics of the songs. A player and ripper all in one When it comes to ripping files LCPlayer has a utility that is unique focused towards this purpose. Once open it will recognize any audio CD that is in the drive to start converting it as soon as the user indicates the application to start the process. Allowing the user to configure the quality of the resulting MP3 files as well as other options and customizations. On the other hand it is also possible to burn any MP3 on a CD without leaving the program. LCPlayer will convert the MP3 files to the appropriate format so that they can be played on CD players like the one found in a car. All this with a minimalist interface that is completely customizable that has all the necessary options so that performing any action is as simple as possible.

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