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When we want to arrange a trip to anywhere on many occasions we use the online map services offered by companies like Google Yahoo Michelin or Microsoft because they allow to generate routes and share the maps. What can we do once we have created the map? If we want to pass the map to GPS the best option as our disposal is to use a capturer like MapCapt. Capture and combine maps This software saves in BMP format (that is recognized by the majority of GPS) any area that you want and that you configure it to so that you can store it in a GPS computer or any image viewer to be able to look it up later. The programs interface is somewhat overwhelming for those that aren't used to using this kind of applications because everything works on basis to the mouses position over the map and the area that wants to be captured but once it has been used a couple of times it is very easy to use. Normally online maps don't allow us to store them without a watermark but with MapCapt we will be able to avoid this.

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