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Geography is a really complex science and with many terms and data that have to be learned to understand it 100% that is why enthusiasts and workers that have to take into account all the information that they receive need a program like DeltaGIS. Perfect geographical information tool With this software all the data that can be gathered about areas paths and different measuring tools will be perfectly displayed on a map and later stored on the GPS or PocketPC that we want and if we want to view it better on our PC. DeltaGIS can integrate perfectly with Google Earth and Bing Maps so that we can see the same place from the sky with real photos. Furthermore it allows the use of plug-ins and it doesn't have any problems to store data and maps as PDF which will make distributing and checking them easier. With regard to its professional features DeltaGIS allows you to load and save Raster Maps one of the most precise and standardized ways of generating cadastral maps or aerial photos.

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