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When we try to copy a DVD we may risk not being able to perform this task due to the fact that the disc has an anti-copy protection or a regional limitation something rather bothersome if what we want to have is a backup copy of a film or video game that we have bought. You can now duplicate your discs protected with anti-copy system DVD43 is a small utility that will help us to avoid all kinds of protection on the DVDs that we are going to copy and what's more it is compatible with the majority of recording tool that can be found on the market like Nero 1Click DVD Copy and Roxio DVD Copy among others. How the program works is rather simple because it detects the kind of protection that the disc uses and by means of an icon in the system tray it will let us know if it is possible to bypass the protection or not (a smiling green face means that we can copy it a yellow inexpressive means that the disc doesn't have any protection a serious red face means that it is looking for a way to solve it and an angry gray face means that it isn't possible to avoid the protection).

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